Home Warranty 101 For The First-Time Buyers and New Policy Holders

Home Warranty 101 For The First-Time Buyers and New Policy Holders

Making sure your home is fully functional can be very tedious and costly, especially when your home systems and appliances break down from wear and tear without a home warranty. While we may expect normal wear and tear, home repairs and maintenance give us additional expenses we wish could be free.

Experts recommend getting a home warranty. If this is your first-time buying a house or having a policy, here are the things to expect.

What Is

  1. A home warranty varies from a homeowner’s insurance policy. This warranty is a separate annual contract which covers systems and some appliances, if not all in your home.  Learn more about some of the top home warranty companies by visiting: https://home-warranty-companies.com/reviews/


  1. Some providers offer plans that can be custom-fitted to your needs. Remember to compare plans before buying any contracts.

Save Money in the Long Run

  1. Choose programs that offer an option to have your covered equipment replaced by energy-efficient products so that you can save on your energy bills.


  1. Home insurance covers damages to your home structure, while a home warranty covers the normal wear and tear of your home system and devices. The warranty is not a policy rather a separate contract.

The Process

  1. A homeowner enrolled under a contract should always call their providers first before the repair and maintenance. Your provider will not reimburse any amount should you decide to have your items repaired without their knowledge.

After your provider confirms the coverage of your appliance or system, a technician will visit you to inspect the device. You will be expected to pay a service call fee, which is similar to a co-pay. As long as the tune-up or replacement does not exceed the limits, you shouldn’t pay anything else for that breakdown.

Here are just the basics of any home warranty. Your contractor may be giving you more accurate instructions stipulated in your contract. Make sure you read and clarify them before signing up for anything.