4 Simple Steps to Follow To Make Your Washing Machine Last

4 Simple Steps to Follow To Make Your Washing Machine Last

Remember, your home warranty would only cover the repair and maintenance of your appliance when it breaks down due to aging, which means other reasons for device failure will not be honored.

Hence, you have to be careful with your usage. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your washing machine.

1. Less Detergent, More Water


Make sure you keep more water and less laundry soap on your washing machine to minimize the possibility of damage to your equipment. Check your washer basin if it feels slimy. If it does, it means you put in too much soap than what your machine can handle. Spin your machine without any clothes to ensure the soap is all broken down before proceeding with the laundry.

Also, check the smell of your tub. Too much detergent or fabric conditioner may cause buildup that may lead to a foul odor, molds, mildew, and rust or dark spots on your clothes.

2. Manual


Review your appliance manual carefully before usage. The manufacturer should include specifications for your equipment, including the correct amount to use per wash load. Clean your machine once a month to remove odor and residues.

3. No Overloading


Your machine may have a maximum wash load weight, but it doesn’t mean you will be filling it up with clothes every time. Practice using only 75% of the limit to avoid overloading and damage.

4. Order


Add the soap before your laundry, unless your care manual states otherwise. Use designated containers for soap and fabric conditioner instead of pouring it directly into the tub. For single-use pods, make sure your detergent dissolves well before putting the clothes.

Follow these pointers for laundry soap usage and proper loading to help counter expensive washing machine servicing.